Money Management

Success and Failure

September 26, 2010 | scorpion
I think the success to anything does not simply lie on "Failure is okay; just keep doing it till successful." This is wrong. It urges you to blindly risk whatever it takes in hope that success would come at the end. Of course, success will come after a string of failures but at what price you have paid for it? And when? I hope it will come before your life candle runs out. You won't have a clue about the answers because your mantra lies solely on the foundation of hope rather than reality.

Money management

March 23, 2008 | tradingshop
A Short Introduction About Money Management

Becoming A Successful Day Trader

November 26, 2007 | Tony Jacowski

There are two types of day traders - scalper and momentum traders. The scalper buys and trades stocks within minutes, whereas a momentum trader buy stocks that fluctuate from high to low during the day. But at the end of the day, the ultimate goal of a day trader is to buy stocks and sell them at the highest possible value.


Forex Money Management, Part 1

April 6, 2007 | scorpion
Have you ever wondered why you made so much profit so easily only to lose all of it plus your principal in a flash? Then you're trading without a proper money management. You've got to be disciplined, or your winnings are guaranteed to lose sooner or later. Learn this money management today!

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