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Default Straddle EA

New to using the Metatrader Platform. Have it installed on computer 5 times testing several of the EAs. Looking forward to contributing to the forum as I learn more.
I was testing a STRADDLE OCO EA and need to have one created that will actually cancel the other order as well as place a trailing stop when the order is placed (if possible).
System Name Straddle_OCO_w_Trail
Name Primary Trade
PlaceTrade TRUE
Buy1 10 //distance away
Sell1 10 //distance away
Lots 1.0
StopLoss1 15
TakeProfit1 30
UseTrailingStop TRUE //user may not want trailing stop
TrailingStop1 15 //need to have this placed when pending order is added (if possible)
O.C.O. - Need to have the EA cancel the other pending order after one is triggered.
Break Even - Would like to have the EA pull the stop to B.E. after it moves up 15 pips.
---BreakEven TRUE //user may not want to pull to B.E.
---PullToBEafter 15
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
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